Timo Boll vs. KUKA robot - Teaser

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Like this video? Subscribe: ‪‬‬‬ In this man vs. machine table tennis match, who will be victorious? The battle begins NOW as ping-pong champion Timo Boll is facing KUKA's KR AGILUS robot at the ping-pong table.

Watch the stunning videoproduction on March 11th 2014 at to find out who is the winner.

Timo Boll, the German table tennis star, is the new brand ambassador for KUKA Robotics in China. The collaboration celebrates the inherent speed, precision, and flexibility of KUKA's industrial robots in tandem with Boll's electrifying and tactical prowess in competition.

To celebrate the new KUKA Robotics factory in Shanghai, the thrilling video will be a highlight at the Grand Opening on March 11th, 2014.

The 20,000 sq. meter space will produce the KR QUANTEC series robot as well as the KRC4 universal controller for the Asian market. As a market leader in China, KUKA aims to further develop automation in the country while providing a modern and employee-friendly working environment.



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